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UMKM Trust (Udhagai Manavala Kalai Mandram Trust)

Vision Statement

Vethathiriyam for Individual Peace, Family Peace and World Peace

Our Objective

“To Develop and Empower the downtrodden and tribal masses of The Nilgiris through Yoga Education and enable them to ascertain their Social, Community and Cultural Identities to build a sustainable future for themselves”

UMKM Trust’s Arivu Thirukovil ( Temple of Consciousness - Ooty ) was built in June 2004 and has served as the home to thousands in Yoga Education, Personality Development and Value Education, Yoga Therapy, Health Camps and Meditation throughout the district.

Though formally registered in the year 1999, the UMKM Trust had a very humble beginning 40 years ago in Professor Sathyamurthy’s Laboratory. Those days he used to conduct classes on SKY and Kaya Kalpa for free to the poor and the tribals. Also he mustered volunteers to travel across the rough terrain of the Niligiris to spread awareness on education, health and family welfare.

The Nilgiris ( Blue Mountains ) – The name symbolises lush green landscapes and beautiful mountains for its eternal beauty. It has been a travellers’’ paradise for ever till date. Every Year thousands of tourists visit Ooty, Conoor, Masinagudi to enjoy the various attractions on offer.

However the lives of the tribals and the deprived is still socio-economically backward. The people here still live in isolation and are not even met with basic needs like Food, Shelter and Education. Inhabitated by communities such as The Badagas, The Thodas, The Kotas, The Kurumbas, The Irulas, The Panias and The Kattunaikens. The Latter five in fact have been further identified as the Primitive Tribal Groups by the Government of India. The Badagas have been declared as the most hospitable community by the UNESCO – thanksgiving article in The Hindu dt July 6, 2009 .

The Majority of these tribes are economically deprived, socially marginalised and lack basic facilities and resources. Their access to health and education is very limited. Deficiency of essential components has led to malnutrition, protein calorie malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies ( Vitamin A, iron and iodine ) among them. They are also prone to chronic diseases such as Sickle Cell Anaemia which is commonplace in hilly areas.

The social constraints faced by the tribals start at childhood and remain with them throughout life. Beginning from low weight at birth to poor nutrition, unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation, disease and lack of education / awareness leading to lack of job opportunities, low self-esteem, and low confidence levels results in helplessness in their lives. Further they always live in danger of unexpected landslides and floods which always keeps them on the line of fire.

Udghagai Manavala Kalai Mandram Trust has dedicated itself to the welfare of the deprived and tribals of the Nilgiris. Over the years, the organisation’s activities have been conducting Free - Education, Free Medical Health Camps, Sickle Cell Anaemia Treatment, Value Based and Personality Development Education for Women and Children .

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