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Yoga for Human Excellence

Spiritual Guru Arul Thanthai Vethathiri Maharishi
is one of the greatest and eminent visionaries who helped mankind understand the realities and functions of life. Born in a poor weaver’s family in 1911 at Guduvancheri in Tamil Nadu, Maharishi led a householder’s life till the age of 50 and then devoted himself entirely to the welfare of humanity.

From weaving on the loom to weaving his way to the hearts of humanity, Maharishi has sought to systematize the science of living. With the Maharishi, happiness, health and prosperity can simply be realized when science blends itself with philosophy. Based on Tamil Siddha philosophy, Meditation, Introspection and Self-realization, Vethathiriyam has given a new dimension to contemporary Philosophy, Science and Literature.

“Maharishi” as he is fondly remembered by his followers, describes his doctrine for World Peace as Individual Harmony, Harmony in the Family and World Peace. “ He was also christened as “Poor Man’s Thathuva Gnani” – Poor Man’s Spiritual Guide for his simple methods of teaching, the love and affection shown by him to the downtrodden and his efforts to make their lives better.

Maharishi intended to spread his concepts Simplified Kundalini Yoga(SKY), Kaya Kalpa Yoga(KKY), Physical Exercises and Introspection to achieve World Peace, which led him to form the “World Community Service Centre”( WCSC ) in 1958 at Chennai, a Non profit Organisation, popularly known as WCSC which has over 290 affiliated Trusts and around 1600 meditation centres in India and across the Globe .

His vision of formalised education in Yoga in Schools and Colleges was realised in the Year 2006-07, through the untiring efforts of the current President of WCSC., Arulnidhi SKM Maeilanandhan.

Arulnidhi SKM Maeilanandhan
President., WCSC

As a result of which various institutions such as Bharathiyar University , Bharathidasan University, Avinashilingam University introduced Diploma, Bachelor and Masters Degree Courses in Yoga for Human Excellence. The curriculums for these courses are based on Maharishi’s teachings. Till date 22000 students have graduated and there are 12000 who are pursuing courses in various disciplines for the current academic year. The faculty of WCSC includes 5000 well trained professors to impart Yoga Education across WCSC centres. This includes various free education schemes and facilities given to the deprived Women and Children as well.

From 1972 to 1993 Maharishi travelled abroad 21 times delivering speech and teachings extensively in USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Korea and Japan. He was invited by the United Nations to deliver speech on World Peace in the year 1974.

Maharishi also travelled across India to spread his concepts and was a frequent visitor to the Nilgiris. In fact it was in The Niligiris that Mahirishi had introduced the “Vaazhththum Payanum” – Benefit of blessings and “Mazhai Vaazhththu” - prayer to bring rains to the drought affected people, which later became the preamble of WCSC

Our beloved President Arulnidhi SKM Maeilanandhan has dedicated himself fulltime to realise Maharishi’s dream of setting up a Deemed University and also introduce his teachings in School Syllabus to impart right virtues to the society at the young age. He is committed to Maharishi’s vision that WCSC is an organisation aimed to achieve World Peace only through formalised education and not by running it like a mutt. The result being affiliation with 7 iniversities which includes the University of Madras for regularised courses and Bachelor / Masters Degree in Education introduced by Manonmaniam Sundaranaar University.

Arulnidhi Pachaiappan
President - Coimbatore Zone.
Under our President’s guidance the activities of the organisation has grown manifold and he also introduced the zone wise concept for effective administration. Under this protocol, Tamil Nadu is split into 12 zones and the UMKM Trust comes under the jurisdiction of Coimbatore zone which is headed by Arulnidhi R Pachaiappan

Arulnidhi Pachaiappan, a successful entrepreneur and agriculturist based at Pollachi, has devoted himself to the development of Coimbatore Zone. Over the years, he has contributed immensely for the growth of WCSC. He is also an active philanthropist striving to provide education to the underprivileged children of Coimbatore Zone.
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