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Education – Diploma, Under-Graduate and Post Graduate in Yoga and Personality Development Courses

UMKM Trust in affiliation with the World Community Service Centre has been providing education to various diploma and degree courses in Yoga for Human Excellence under certification from the Bharathiyar university. The Trust started with 30 students in 2004 in the diploma programme and so far has graduated more than 300 students especially Women.
Further the Personality Development and Value Education courses, mainly targeted to the Women and Children of the Nilgiris has been running very successfully. So far more than 5000 have been trained and certified under this program.

These courses have improved in their self esteem and their way of life. It has also created various job opportunities to make themselves self dependant.

Comprehensive Child Care Program (Basic Education and Nutrition)

Given the lack of income earning opportunity in The Nilgiris, the children are put under severe hardship wherein they do not even get the basic education and nutrition to grow healthy. Most of the Children are live under ignorance and suffer from various disorders of deficiency of primary Vitamins in their body.

UMKM Trust has undertaken the Comprehensive Child Care Program where they are provided basic primary education and nutrition food with adequate vitamins and proteins. Underprivileged Children from the various hamlets of Nilgiris are identified, adopted and nurtured throughout the year.

Tribal Health Program – Health Camps and Sickle Cell Anaemia Treatment

Dr M N Raman., a qualified Medical practitioner with over 35 years of rich experience and committed to achieve the goal of holistic health to the tribals, is the Head - Health Programmes of UMKM Trust. He was The Director of Medical & Rural Health services., Tamilnadu and later become The Director of The JSS institute of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences., OOty and presently is the Medical Officer of the Nilgiris Adivasi Welfare Association

The Trust under Dr M N Raman’s leadership has conducted numerous medical camps for general health and follow up camps across the district. It has also conducted various dental and eye camps regularly. Presently there are 500 people being covered under this program per month. The aim is to improve and widen the reach so as to enable people in large numbers and remote hill villages be benefited .

Sickle Cell Anaemia

This is a disease which is predominantly prevalent in the hill areas. This is mainly caused due to lack of oxygen supply which changes the Red blood Cells in the body to a Sickle Shape. This is present at birth, but many infants don’t show any signs until after 4 months of age. The most common symptom of anaemia is fatigue. Other signs and symptoms of anaemia include Shortness of breath, Dizziness, Headache, Coldness in the hands and feet , Pale skin and Chest Pain. A sickle cell crisis occurs when sickle red blood cells form clumps in the bloodstream. These clumps of cells block blood flow through the small blood vessels in the limbs and organs. This results in pain and organ damage.

UMKM Trust has taken up detection (at an early stage), diagnosis and treatment of this dreadful disease as one of its main projects.

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