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About Prof.Satyamurthy

Senior Professor Arul Nidhi M Sathyamurthy was born in the year 1950 at Melur, Hosatty Village in the Nilgiris. His family originally hails from the Thooratty Village. He did his schooling at Katery Village, Nilgiris and later completed his higher studies at the Madras Medical College in the year 1969. He was involved thoroughly in the Bhakti Marga and started introspecting spiritually at an early age of 16. He attained enlightenment later when he became a disciple of Maharishi


His introduction to Maharishi is an interesting story. Madhulingam elder brother of Prof. Sathyamurthy was a severe Chain smoker. He was unable to get rid of this habit even after spiritual counselling by Sadhus and Rishis. However Maharishi was able to do this within half an hour with his prowess and tejas. Sathyamurthy’s Father Mahalingaiah was one of the very first disciples, hand chosen by Maharishi to spread his teachings.

It was then Maharishi visited the Nilgiris in 1969 and had given Deekshai ( initiation of Life Force) to our Professor which led to the birth of the Ooty chapter. In the next 10 years Prof. had developed his expertise in all disciplines of Yoga and had become a Master himself. Over 40 years now Prof. Sathyamurthy has been an eminent and important member of all Maharishi’s and Aaliyar Ashram’s activities. He has done extensive research on Yoga Therapy – Kaya Kalpa & Anti Ageing Technique and has presented research papers in the Vivekananda Yoga Institute., Melbourne. He over the years has had disciples from across the globe who have come to the Niligiris to get trained from him. His disciples today have set up centres in the United States and Australia to extend Maharishi’s teachings to the developed countries as well. Prof. Sathyamurthy formed the Udhagai Manavala Kalai Mandram Trust affiliated to WCSC in the year 1999 and has been successfully spreading Maharishi’s teachings and pioneering various social service activities to the Women, Children and the Tribals of Nilgiris.

Over the years Prof. Sathyamurthy has developed a well dedicated and strong set to individuals to promote Maharishi’s principles and dedicate themselves to the betterment of The Nilgiris. The organisation presently has three Trustees and over 100 volunteers.
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